No Rest

by Wicked King

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Thanks to the awesome people at NC13 Music News for this review of our release:
"From the start… Killer guitar tone and drum intro on I Bet You Won’t. Then the vocals kick in and I immediately thought of Suicidal Tendencies. Really great song especially the speed bursts. Anomaly is a cool bouncy track. This song to me has more of a grunge feel to it, and some cool harmonies. On My Mind with its kick ass heavy double bass drum parts was great. By far the best song on the album is I Am The Wolf. The speed is perfect. I would definitely get a circle pit going and get a little crazy. Overall the album was fun and worth checking out."


released April 20, 2014

Rick Andriola on vocals and Guitar, Caleb Miles on Bass Guitar, Evan Posey on the drums


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Wicked King Athens, Georgia

Wicked King, a rock band from Athens, GA, is dedicated to the roots of true heavy music. Heavy handed and fast-paced, this is not music for the light hearted!! See our latest at
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Track Name: I Bet You Won't
I’m tired and I can’t see
So would you let me be?
I bet you won’t
So we’ll come rock around your door to lock you on,
Where you won’t hear from me for weeks on end

I’m mean, a despot killer of beliefs.
Offend. I’m bent.
Decision on which it will all depend.

Would you laugh at me if it could set me free?
Would you cry for me if I were on TV?
Would you die today if it assured a way?

Something tells me. Your bluff, I’ll call.
We’ll see.
Track Name: Anomaly
Reality, it’s a conspiracy
Surreal decay sufficiently contained.
Well I say

Like when you’d say, “Impossibility.”
Anomaly, just something you can’t see,
Well I see

A masquerade. A sellout is well paid.
I bleed your brain. You wash it down the drain
Well I say

Give peace to me.
It’s an emergency. An armory.
It’s where I make my stay
‘Cause I slay

A need for change
Position in my range
Precise disdain
Display I can refrain
Well I can

With mastery.
Aggressive kill campaign
All have been slain.
What we strove to attain
With high gain
Track Name: On My Mind
Hate, it’s on my mind, my friend
Never seen before and never seen again
Pain, I leave behind.
You can’t play like them with no discipline.


Pain, that leaves me behind and then,
Falling, you pretend, we see your early end
Game you play with fire.
Crawl into the flame you melt like cellophane

That’s right!

Hate, it’s on my mind again.
Never seen before and never need a friend.
Drain me of desire
Fall into the flame, you melt like cellophane

That’s right!
Track Name: I Am The Wolf
This is your last wish
I’m coming through the concrete
I wanna be the last to go
I wanna know your name
I wanna see your face
I wanna see your brains

I am the wolf
Death on four legs
I am the wolf

And now I’m obsessed
I see your blood as sustenance
A reputation, a sorceress
I wanna feel your breath
I wanna take your pulse until there’s nothing left

I am the wolf
Death on four legs
I am the wolf

Up ‘til three in the morning
Won’t be the one to track you
Move to the algorithm
I run veiled in darkness
One more cold decision
Wake on the ground beside you
Warned by the one who bit me

Last wish
I’m coming through the concrete
A reputation, a sorceress
I wanna know your name
I wanna see your face
I wanna see your brains

I am the wolf
Death on two legs
I am the wolf
I am the wolf
Death on four legs

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